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gift ideas

Do you have a hard time picking gifts for people? I have the best idea ever and I'm only slightly biased. I truly believe that paintings make amazing gifts.

My most memorable wedding gift came from my maid of honor who brought her grandfather's gorgeous watercolors to our apartment and let me and my husband choose one. We had to agree together on a painting which was a good way to practice decision-making as a couple. And we both absolutely love the painting. It is hanging by our front door so we see it every day. It will always remind us of our wedding and our wonderful and generous friend!!

Since then I have been bold enough to buy paintings for my parents, for my friends as wedding gifts, and even as birthday and housewarming gifts!

If it feels too personal just choose something relatively small. It will be a nice accent piece and not a huge attention-grabbing focal point in a room. Trust me, you can do this.

With Hannukah and Christmas right around the corner, you could start shopping right here!

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