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Teaching Art

I teach acrylic painting classes to adults of all ages. My absolute favorite type of student is someone who is brand new to painting. My style is warm and inviting. I'm a strong believer in positivity. I help students of any ability-level improve their skills and gain confidence. I learned to paint as an adult and I'm thrilled to share my love of this medium with anyone who wants to learn more!  

Look for upcoming classes at the Belmont Recreation Website - here!


“I had never painted before taking one of Jessica’s classes. I was very nervous but she was so encouraging and welcoming. She taught me foundational skills (as well as a few painting tricks!) and I was proud of the work I completed in her class. Jessica has a way of asking just the right question or making a keen observation that helped me move ahead with my work. I have a lot more to learn but painting feels approachable to me now and I'm thankful to her for that confidence. I highly recommend her classes.” 


I loved Jessicas class. I hadn't taken any art classes since high school and I was so encouraged to find not just perspective, color, and light, but the joy and fun behind what I was doing. The class was also a nice group activity. Even though I was taking it with strangers, I got to know the other people in the class and we encouraged each other as we explored each assignment. You can tell that Jessica loves art, teaching, and other people. She is funny, kind, and great at explaining big concepts in approachable ways. By the end of the class, I started painting after work with my daughter and showed a few of my paintings in a staff art show at work.


When I signed up for one of Jessica’s painting classes, it had been years since I had been a painting major in college and done any paintings for myself. I was amazed at how much I learned from her given I already had a background in painting. Her teaching style is warm and encouraging, while also sharing a depth of knowledge about painting. She was able to connect with students at any level to inspire and help build confidence in painting. I cannot recommend classes with Jessica highly enough - I can’t wait to sign up for another one!”

Painting for the First Time

This class is all about getting comfortable with the materials, learning how to see value to create a sense of light, and the fundamentals of color. I often start students off with a black and white still life painting. We then get into color and paint a color wheel. The class moves at whatever pace is required by the students and by the end we will have covered the basics of color, value, and composition. 


Painting at Any Level

This class covers a wide range of topics to accommodate a range of experience and ability. Everyone is welcome from a beginner to an advanced painter and each week I offer a topic to paint or give feedback to student's who are working on independent projects. We talk a lot about color, value, and composition. We discuss painting from photographs, painting in layers using underpaintings, and whatever else comes up as the class progresses. 

Find Classes

How can you find these classes and sign up?! They sound so fun and amazing. I know! Currently I am teaching in Belmont, MA through the Belmont Recreation Department. As soon as you're able to sign up for the next session of classes (Fall, Winter, or Spring) you can find the classes listed on their website! Sign up. Get your friend to sign up. Invite your neighbor. It is so fun. Can't wait to see you in class!! 

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