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I'm not great at introducing myself. This is the most noticeable in real-life settings when I just smile and assume everyone around me already knows each other so I stand to the side so as not to interrupt with an awkward introduction. Maybe not the best strategy.

I was cripplingly shy as a young child and over the years, thanks to performing in theater and singing in concerts, I have mostly overcome my shyness. In fact, if you ask people who have met me in the last 5 years they may even say I don't seem shy at all! Shocking.

So, here are some things you may not know about me...

I grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Ohio, lived in Rome, Italy for a semester, and after graduation I moved back to Boston. I'm the third of 4 children which means I'm highly independent and also a natural peace-maker. I'm left-handed. I like to sing - especially when I'm alone in the car. I love to travel but I also love the every day routine at home. I'm overly punctual. Seriously, I have to practice getting places on time (instead of early!) - it's a problem. I need a lot of sleep. I make the most amazing chocolate chip cookies.

If you feel inspired, leave me a comment and tell me something about you!

(The photo shows me with my pieces that were hanging in the Belmont Gallery of Art this summer.)

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