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why JPL?

Let me explain why I sign my paintings JPL.

There are so many options when signing a painting, and I find the whole thing to be strange and a little intimidating. I want it to be clear that it's my work, but I also don't want the signature to be too prominent or distracting. Tricky!

When I got married I put a lot of thought into changing my name. If you haven't gone through this decision, you might be surprised at how fraught it can be. I wanted to keep my maiden name but I also felt that I wanted to add to it. So I made my maiden name my middle name and changed my last name. I see my full name, Jessica Parsons Lomelí, as representative of my whole self. But signing all three names is cumbersome.

The best way for me to represent all of my names in a simple and clear way is to use my initials. It's not a solution for everyone, but for me it feels right.

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