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finding the sweet spot

Do you know that feeling when everything clicks, when what you're doing is working, you're happy and in the zone? I'm addicted to finding that feeling when I'm creating artwork.

I have been painting/drawing since I was a child. I can remember very clearly the elation I felt when creating this dragon in 5th grade. It was the feeling of imagining the dragon and having the creation live up to the imagination. I think of it as hitting the sweet spot. I have been trying to recreate that feeling ever since.

I started painting again after many years of following other dreams; studying art history and spending a semester in Rome, designing websites, studying graphic design, working as graphic designer, and becoming a mother of two energetic human beings. When I started painting again, it became all I could think about! I started dreaming about painting and I felt a pull to find that sweet spot again; where what I'm creating can match my imagination. It's hard to get there but it's so worth the struggle.

I hope you will follow along as I post about the struggles, the successes, and the things I find inspiring.

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