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artists in conversation

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my new podcast with my friend Maryann - Artists in Conversation! It is out and available wherever you get your podcasts.

It all started in Burger King in the mid-2000s. Maryann and I would go out for fries and complain about our art school experience after class. We could talk to each other forever! About all the things! But back then there was no platform for recording our fun conversations. Fast forward a couple decades and now we're taking painting classes together. And after class we eat lunch and chat! Like the old days, but less complaining because our class is fantastic. Also, we've upgraded from Burger King to Panera. Once a week we paint together, and then we chat about art stuff. Early this year we decided that we should let the world in on our amazingness so we started our podcast, Artists in Conversation.

We have mediocre equipment, we record on a busy street, often an dog can be heard snoring... but we have so much fun diving deep into all things art.

Follow along on instagram - @artistsinconversationpod. There you can find images that go with each episode and announcements for when new episodes are out.

Enjoy! Thanks for listening!


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