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painting retreat in France

Updated: May 16

I just returned from the most amazing painting retreat in Gourdon, France. It was such an incredible experience, it's almost hard to put it into words. I went with my friend Maryann. We had never traveled together! We had a blast. On our day in Paris trying to stay awake after flying overnight one of us would get tired and loopy and the other one would keep us focused. And then we'd switch! So funny. The next morning we barely made it onto a very chaotic train to Gourdon. I saw a sign with our platform number on it, she saw the platform numbers! What a pair.

After a 5-hour train ride we arrived to the lap of luxury. A gorgeous house, incredible food, day trips to soak up inspiration, an amazing group of artists, and a pair of excellent teachers to guide us. We had 10 days and it flew by.

We stayed at Perigord Retreats and the hosts, Harrison and Katel, are incredible. They have thought of every detail, from lavender soap (from their own lavender garden), to fresh and delicious meals, local wines, plenty of studio time mixed with well-planned outings and picnics. It was a truly restorative and inspiring experience.


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