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teaching update

Black and white study of pears
Pair of Pears by Karen - week 2

I began teaching last spring and I have new classes starting this week! It's time for a teaching update. Last spring I offered a class that I called Painting for the First Time. I taught a few sections of the class and I was amazed at my students' progress. Some came in not having painted since childhood, others had experience painting but wanted to start again with the basics. It was a blast!!

There is something so magical about seeing students work and watching them learn and make progress. My favorite is when they feel pride in their own work and it shows, on their face or in their voice. It's also so fun just to see how different everyone's paintings are even when they're painting the same subject.

I have found teaching to be incredibly gratifying. I am so glad to have the opportunity to continue! If you're curious about learning to paint, join me! I promise I'm not scary or intimidating - just so happy to talk about color, composition, and value!

This fall I'm offering Painting for the First Time as well as a new class that I'm calling Painting at Any Level. The idea being that once you've started painting you can keep going! I am so excited to see what these new students will be like and what amazing paintings they will create. Sign up and give it a try!


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