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painting with humans

After a nearly 2 year shut-down, the Mosesian Center for the Arts re-opened for in-person adult classes in January. There was an omicron-fueled delay in the start date but we are BACK! Painting with humans! In person!!

I knew logically that gathering with other artists and talking about art stuff would be great and make me feel good. But I underestimated just how good it would make me feel. Truly. After the first class I walked out of the building lighter than I can remember feeling in, I don't know, 2 years? I have somewhere to bring my artist angst "Does art need to have meaning?!? Does anything have meaning?!" and the other artists get it. We puzzle through these insane questions together while trying to paint a still life. It is life-affirming and just amazing.

So I extend a deep gratitude to my classmates and teacher for providing me a weekly respite from the world. (And my husband is relieved that I have a new audience for my artist angst!)

If you can find an adult education class near you, go do it. Try ceramics, knitting, painting, writing that novel you've been dreaming about. Go make something! With other humans! It will be a balm for your soul. Happy creating!


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