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artists buy art!

I sold two paintings to a fellow artist at the beginning of this year and for some reason, I was surprised. I guess I didn't know that artists buy art! So of course I pledged to be an artist who buys art too. And I did it!!! Here are pieces from some artists that I have followed for a long time...

Julia Blake. I found her art first through some greeting cards I bought locally. On the back was her instagram handle so I followed her there. I absolutely love her loose poppies and also her abstract landscapes. She is moving soon and held an open house and I finally made it over to meet her (she is so lovely!) and came home with two pieces!!

Jose Trujillo. I found him on instagram. I absolutely love his loose brushwork and confident marks. I also love his positivity. Every time he posts a painting he says something he loves about it. It's such a great way to present your work. It helps to remind me to be positive when I post my paintings.

Amber Dusick. I found her eons ago when she had a blog and then wrote Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. She is so relatable as a Mom and she captured so much with so little in her crappy pictures. Now she lives in the woods and makes her own pigments and does beautiful sculptural pieces in wood. I bought this little one recently and I adore it! It lives on a tiny shelf in my kitchen.

This is all just a reminder to everyone. Artists buy art! And so should everyone else. Thanks.


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