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painting challenge update

This month is flying by!! I am working hard on my 30-in-30 challenge. You can see the paintings daily on instagram or facebook.

I've been painting a day or two ahead so that each morning I start by posting a photo. It helps to keep me organized and energized instead of feeling like I'm behind or playing catchup.

I started trying to keep things loose and messy. As you might know if you've met me, it's not easy for me to paint that way! So around the half-way mark I started using my palette knife to get some more interesting textures and I love how loose it keeps me. I'm so excited for the second half of this challenge!

I will be traveling this week and won't be able to bring my acrylic paints with me. I do plan to bring my watercolor supplies but you should expect next week's paintings to have a very different look.

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