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10 days in Mexico

Summer 2022 has been the summer of travel. We started with a trip to visit family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 10 days in late June/early July. We hadn't been to Mexico in over 3 years so it was wonderful to see the family, eat amazing food, and take in the beauty of the location.

Most of the photos I took are of the family, the kids, and the pets. But I took some photos of art, buildings, food, and sunsets! As one does. Enjoy!

Both my parents-in-law and my brother-in-law have beautiful gallery walls and if you look carefully you can find a painting of mine in each one! Plus, I flew down with a painting that I sold in May to deliver it. It will live in Tepic.

I hope you have a chance to travel again soon, and if you want to go to Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend it.


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