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Tools: Our Favorites

In this episode, Maryann and Jessica share their favorite tools. This, of course, leads them all over the place. They talk about fear of painting, easing back into painting after a break, and the power of play! (Listen here!)

The images they discuss can be found below:

Image 1: Palette knives - the best and most versatile tool

Image 2: Jessica's safety brush

Image 3: A photo of Jessica's sister-in-law's gallery wall that includes her magenta snowy landscape painting 

Image 4: Jessica's collection of oversized brushes

Additionally they talk about an artist, Jane Davies, who creates improvisational drawings, and another artist, Cai Guo-Qiang, who "paints" with gunpowder.

Lastly, you can hear tea mugs in the background on this episode, if you listen carefully. Sometimes Maryann and Jessica drink tea before and during a recording. Usually they drink silently but, alas, not in this episode. You'll also hear a dog noise in the check-in at the end. Real life is noisy!

Find us on instagram! @artistsinconversationpod

Maryann Garlick - @maryanngarlickart 

Jessica Parsons Lomeli - @artbyjpl

If you want to send feedback, ask follow up questions, or give topic ideas, send an email to - Thanks for listening!


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