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How to Finish a Painting

In this episode Maryann and Jessica talk about how to finish a painting. They talk about the struggle to know when a painting is done. How many unfinished paintings they have that are stuck in the messy middle (it's a lot). And they get into a side conversation about how to know when you're evolving as an artist and when you're jumping to something new to avoid building your skills. Deep stuff! Enjoy!!

Below are the images they discuss:

Image 1 - Jessica's abstract autumn landscape

Image 2 - Maryann's self-portrait

Image 3 - Landscape by the color-blind classmate of Maryann's

Image 4 - Inspirational quote from David Bowie

Here's a video of an interview with the lead singer of the Idles:

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Jessica Parsons Lomeli - @artbyjpl

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