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social media addiction

Remember the afternoon that Facebook, Instagram, and Whastapp were all down for hours? What a wake-up call on our collective social media addiction! It sure was for me. I kept refreshing all afternoon. And I didn't even have anything major planned, I just wanted to post a painting!

Recently I deleted the Facebook app from my phone but I am truly addicted to Instagram. I think that afternoon was a good time to re-evaluate how often I'm on my phone, consider why I feel a compulsion to endlessly scroll, and think up better ways to spend my time!

I wish I could say that I have since stepped away completely from social media to meditate or something - ha! - but it has helped me pay more attention to my own habits. I'm doing better only checking in periodically, and mostly just around my artwork.

I feel compelled to point out that if you sign up for my very occasional email updates, you will have a way to stay in touch with what I'm up to, without social media! Hooray! (sign up here) Thanks! And good luck taking a pause from the endless scrolling. Or keep scrolling, you do you.


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