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podcast update

Last December my friend Maryann and I released the first episode of our podcast, Artists in Conversation! We just finished recording season 1, so it's time for a podcast update!

This has been such a fun project. We get together weekly(ish) and drink some tea. Usually Maryann's dogs are napping sweetly nearby as we chat. Some of the episodes have required research and planning, others are more spontaneous and loose.

We have loved getting feedback from people who are listening - mostly friends, family, and fellow artists. We can get kind of vulnerable and it is scary to put that out in the world, but we have found that people love those episodes the most!

We have listeners from all around the world! The top 5 countries are the US, Ireland, Australia, Germany, and Mexico. Amazing!

As we wrapped up recording the first season we started planning for what's to come. We are looking forward to interviewing other artists and creative people to add to the conversation!

If you haven't listened yet, you can find us on all major podcast platforms or you can listen directly from our hosting platform here! Enjoy!!


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