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plein air workshop in NYC

Last month I took a train to NYC for a plein air workshop with the most incredible artist, Richard Claremont. He's Australian so I haven't had many opportunities to paint with him. When I heard he was coming to New York and planned some plein air workshops in Central Park, I signed up immediately.

I rolled a suitcase with painting supplies and carried a travel easel (that I had never used before!) about a mile from my hotel to Bethesda Fountain, our meeting spot. Richard and his wife greeted everyone and we set up on a nearby hill, looking over a pond with the skyline visible across the water. We sketched some ideas first and began painting. Richard did a painting demonstration and also came to comment and give feedback to each of the students. We painted more after a lunch break and ended the day looking over our work as a group. It was an incredible experience. I still haven't finished the painting from that day but it's on my list!

Many thanks to Richard and his wife who were so welcoming and warm. Maybe one day I'll travel to a workshop of his in Portugal!


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