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painting process

During my 30 day painting challenge I took some videos for my instagram stories showing my painting process. I talked my way from beginning to end through the last painting of the series.

Here's how it started. I use quinacridone magenta, primary yellow, a crappy brush, and a lot of water to start an underpainting.

Here's a quick afternoon update. I added in prussian blue and titanium white but I'm still using a crappy brush and trying hard to keep it loose! (It is funny that it's work to stay loose but what can I say, I'm a work in progress)

Here's where I thought I was done! I added a ton of white and various greens. A floral landscape emerged and I thought I was finished.

Here's the truly last update showing the final touches. I added some more yellow/green in the foreground to better connect it to the background and I knew to stop painting before I got too fussy/tight/controlling/however you want to call it.

I am so happy with this painting! I think it's the perfect painting to end my challenge as it's loose, brushy, layered, drippy, not too realistic, not too abstract... I hit the sweet spot!

Also, all month long I was trying to find good song lyrics to use to name my paintings. Some were too dramatic/moody, some were just kind of unrelated, but this one was an excellent match! It's called "Sometimes I Hear My Voice" from the Tori Amos song "Silent All These Years" and it's the perfect title.


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