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Painting for the First Time

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching painting classes this spring through the Belmont Recreation Department. I will teach a class for beginners called Painting for the First Time. If you live in Belmont, you can sign up today! If you live nearby and you're interested, you can sign up on March 14th.

I love introducing people to painting. I remember feeling so intimidated when I signed up for classes at MassArt. The art world felt like an exclusive club and I was late to join. Turns out, it's never too late! There is no club! Anyone can learn to paint or draw. So if you're interested in learning something new, find a class and get started.

In Painting for the First Time I will cover color-mixing, value and contrast, and composition. Each week we'll paint a simple still life. The vibe in the class will be relaxed and very supportive.

I'm also teaching 2 weekend workshops called Loosen Up and Paint. I'll set up a still life and we'll work on different techniques to paint loosely. This is for beginners and also more experienced painters.

I can't wait to get people as excited about painting as I am! Come paint with me!


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