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painting challenge

I spent the month of April working on a 30-in-30 painting challenge. I love these kinds of challenges as they push me to continue painting even if I don't want to and unexpected things always happen. For this challenge I chose not to pick a theme, or a specific canvas size but instead challenged myself to finish 30 paintings. I began by going through my ever-growing pile of unfinished paintings! It was a spring-cleaning and painting challenge combination. Some paintings were very nearly done and I just needed to add a final touch. Others took a lot more effort to finish! Some were totally new and often painted over old paintings that I decided were going nowhere.

It was a long month and it also flew by. I got a lot of inspiration in the changing landscape. April in the Boston area contains many seasons. Cold, gray, and still wintery to start but then we got a beautiful forsythia bloom! And by the end of the month everything is so much more green with pops of pink and red. This inspired some abstract landscapes!

I'm glad I pushed myself to complete this painting challenge. I nearly gave up around day 20. That's usually when things take a wild turn and I learn something new! Now that it's over I plan to work with some slower drying acrylics and work on bigger canvases that take more time.

Here's the whole collection. Enjoy! Most are still available to reach out if you see one you're interested in.


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