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calendar mystery

This is the mystery of the missing calendar pages...

It all began when I mailed a painting to Australia. To save money I sent it through the USPS. That means I had to rely on the Australian postal service to deliver the package once it arrived in Australia but I was confident it would get there. And it did! In good condition! Before I mailed it I put one of my 2020 art print calendars in the box with the painting as a bonus thank you gift for the collector.

When the painting arrived the collector sent me a photo and told me the painting arrived safely. Then she mentioned something strange. The art print calendar was missing 4 pages. February, April, July, and October had been torn out. The calendar was shrink wrapped when I put it in the box. When it arrived it was no longer shrink wrapped and it was missing pages.

I have some questions. Did a customs official open the box, unwrap the calendar, and then carefully choose his or her favorite paintings and rip them out? Why then would he or she re-wrap the painting and include the altered calendar?! It makes NO SENSE!!!!

In another crazy twist, the 4 paintings the thief chose to remove are the exact 4 paintings that I promoted on my website and on instagram. What are the chances of that?! It's so crazy!

So tell me, is this the work of a jerk on a power trip? Or just a huge fan of my paintings who couldn't resist stealing some beautiful art? Or, is it possible that it's both?!?

The world may never know.

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