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better late than never?

This post could also be titled "Why I don't take commissions!" About a year and a half ago, in late July 2021, my brilliant idea of giving my Dad a painting as a birthday gift got turned into a commission. He and my Mom had recently travelled to Ireland and had some nice photos that they asked me to choose from and paint. I went along with it thinking I could probably paint it during the fall, when the kids were back in school.

Here's the thing. I want to paint what I want to paint. And I don't want to paint out of obligation or stress. So I started it, put it aside, and it sat unfinished for many months. I would occasionally pick it back up and keep working on it. And finally, better late than never, I finished it at the end of 2022.

I know there are artists that love to take on commissioned paintings. For me, it can be stressful. Thankfully, my parents are very patient. And now they have this beautiful memory from their trip. And my next commission is one I promised my husband, also a birthday present, years ago. He is legally required to be patient with me, so that helps assuage my guilt that it's not finished. Also, he has 3 or 4 paintings of mine in his office, it's getting crowded in there.

I have learned my lesson and will no longer use this as a gift idea!! Instead I may offer to have someone come and choose a finished piece. No more commissions!

Here's a photo of each layer so you can see the process. Long! But worth it.


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