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art heals

The Belmont Gallery of Art is hosting a virtual art show right now called Art Heals. Check it out! It's a beautiful collection! Two of my paintings are included in the show.

I submitted paintings for this show thinking about how vital art is in our world. During the pandemic it often felt frivolous or even selfish to spend time painting. But truthfully, it was healing for me and healing for those who I share my work with. I often paint hopeful and happy paintings and especially during the last 15 months we have all needed that more than ever. Even the more moody pieces captured the angst and the intense need for some light to provide hope. I heard from friends who loved seeing my paintings during my 30-day challenge and knowing that I could provide a moment of happiness in this time was so affirming. So I keep painting and reminding myself that art heals. And that's the farthest thing from frivolous.


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