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2021 art print calendars

Who is ready for 2021?! I know I am. 2020 has felt like an entire decade wrapped up in only 11 months so far.

After a delayed start, my art print calendars are ready! Well, almost ready. You can order them now and I will be mailing them out as soon as I can.

I got them back from the printer this week and it was a bit of a fiasco. I opened one calendar and found a strange yellow splotch mark on the November painting. I pointed it out to the printer who full-on pretended not to see it. He then told me it was within the margin of error range and there was nothing he could do. I told him that it's my art work and even though I know I'm much more sensitive to tiny details than your average human, I want them done right!

So. I took them all home, opened them all up, made a pile of keeps and a pile of yellow splotch rejects. The printer will be re-shrink wrapping the good ones and re-printing just the November page for the messed up ones. I expect to have them in hand sometime this week! Then I will mail them.

Pro-tip, they make EXCELLENT gifts. Go buy several and get your shopping done now!

Here's a video I posted on instagram stories of the behind-the-scenes fiasco...


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