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2020 art print calendar

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

You guys, I made this amazing 2020 art print calendar. You can go right now and buy one, or several! It was a roller coaster this fall trying to get this designed and printed successfully in a timely manner.

The first run came in too dark. I brought them home and felt so sad and when I compared them to the printed proof I could see that something went wrong. I brought them back to the printer and he re-printed it that same day! I'm not sure he loves working with artists but it is what it is. I had to have it just right!!

The calendar includes 12 months of landscape paintings that tear out and can be hung as art prints. It's a beautifully curated collection of some of my favorite paintings. Many of the originals have sold so this is the best way to get those paintings into your house! And they're affordable. Yay! Go buy one.


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