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artist retreat - recap

I spent last week at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops with the incredible Kellee Wynne Conrad. What a fantastic week! The main house has art supplies for sale that line the dining room temptingly. And chocolates that are made on-site. And the food they served us was unbelievably delicious.

Every day we had breakfast at the main house, a whole day of painting with a lunch break and a cookie break. We ate an exquisite dinner each night. When we did venture out we found the best little gift shop - The Westerner - and a tiny diner.

The workshop was fantastic. Kellee was enthusiastic, upbeat, encouraging, and fun to be around. The other students were fabulous and supportive. It was truly a dream come true. I worked on collages and many paintings at the same time. It really stretched me in my approach and I can’t wait to keep working to see what comes out next!

Every artist should try to get to a workshop at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops at some point. And Kellee is coming back to teach in 2020! She’s so fabulous.

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