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2018 year in review

When I started thinking about writing a 2018 year in review post I didn't feel like there would be much to report. It's so important to look back at the year and think about your accomplishments! When I began to make a list, I was pleasantly surprised. In 2018 I completed two 30-day painting challenges. I applied to several juried shows, and was accepted to one that will be up in January. I created a calendar of my artwork, and got more involved in my local art association. I took painting courses, marketing courses, and worked hard to improve my skills.

On a personal note... I traveled to Mexico, France, and Australia with the kids. We lost a pet and gained 3 new ones. I ran a half marathon with my roommate from college. That's a lot!

Here are my top 9 posts from instagram - my art account and my personal account:

Next year I have a solo show at L'Aroma Cafe in Newton, MA in March. I am taking a 5-day workshop with Kellee Wynne Conrad. I have plans to do more painting challenges. And I want to go big and paint some really large canvases!

Here's to the end of 2018, and the start of 2019. May the new year bring change, peace, political and environmental improvement, and more time with loved ones.

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