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year-end update

This has been a crazy year - from political marches and protests, to traveling around with the kids. I am so grateful for everything I have learned and I am excited and hopeful about what 2018 will bring. (below are my top 9 photos from instagram - my personal page and my art page)

I finished delivering all of my holiday orders this week! Paintings really do make great gifts. And sometimes you have to give yourself a gift. I'm happy that my paintings will be enjoyed in homes around the world - one of my cardinals is heading to the UK, and a surprise painting is heading to Australia.

I am planning a challenge for January to kick off the year. I ordered a ton of canvases today! I'm planning on doing 15 paintings in 30 (well ok, 31) days. I have a trip to Mexico in the middle of the month and I wanted to set a goal that I could achieve without adding too much stress to my life. I have been daydreaming about florals - so 15 florals in 30 days it is. I'm excited!!

What are your plans for 2018? Can you see anything good in 2017? Hopefully on a personal level it was a good year even if the world appears to be falling apart. Here's to hope for 2018!

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