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When I first started painting I really hated the idea of under-paintings. Why on earth would I want to paint the same thing more than once? What if I loved the first version?!

Well folks, I'm a convert. There are still times when I over-work the top layers and you can't even see that I started with an under-painting. And there are times when I love the under-painting more than the finished product. But even when it goes badly, I sill think it's worth it to start with an under-painting.

I usually choose a bright hue and I work out the composition with the under-painting. I love to see how much energy a bright underneath layer can bring to the final piece.

In fact, you can consider every layer of the painting an under-painting. It really takes the pressure off. It helps, if you start to hate it, to know that you can just cover it later. Brilliant!

Can you see the tiny pops of pink behind the seascape? I have plans for more seascapes with pink under-paintings. So exciting!!

And below is probably my favorite under-painting ever. I was so relaxed and it came together in just a few minutes. I never liked the finished painting as much as this under-painting. In fact, I'm still working on this piece. Trying to get it to the point where I like it again! Painting is hard, but so rewarding when you get it right.

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