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The Messy Middle

Maryann and Jessica talk about the awkward and sometimes ugly middle stage of a painting. They talk about how you can feel stuck when you get to the middle of a painting and how to keep working. They go on a long tangent about their preferred color palettes. Don't forget to listen to the end when they check in about what they've been working on!

Below are the images they discuss:

Image 1 - Big Magic - The amazing and epic book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Read it!

Image 2 - Tubes of paint showing Maryann's color palette

Image 3 - Jessica's abstract landscape painting 

Image 4 - Maryann's Exit Sign painting - starting point

Image 5 - Maryann's Exit Sign painting - underpainting

Image 6 - Inspirational quote on a teabag

Find us on instagram! @artistsinconversationpod

Maryann Garlick - @maryanngarlickart 

Jessica Parsons Lomeli - @artbyjpl

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