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Artist Retreats, Workshops, and Online Learning

In this episode Maryann and Jessica rave about a recent art retreat they attended in southern France. They talk about the overwhelming amount of courses and online content for artists and how to choose which ones are a good fit for you. Enjoy!! (Listen here!)

(Side note: At one point Jessica uses the phrase "earliest art memories" and she meant to say "earliest money memories" and now it will drive her crazy forever that this mistake is out in the world. It happens at 11 minutes 22 seconds if you want to listen and imagine her saying the correct words.)

You can find an episode summary and images on the following website:

Image 1 - Group photo from our retreat

Image 2 - Selfie from the airport in Paris

Image 3 - One of Maryann's paintings from the retreat 

Image 4 - One of Jessica's paintings from the retreat

Special shoutout to Perigord Retreats and Richard Claremont for hosting the incredible retreat that Jessica and Maryann cannot stop raving about in this episode. Worth every penny! 

Find us on instagram! @artistsinconversationpod

Maryann Garlick - @maryanngarlickart

Jessica Lomeli - @artbyjpl

If you want to send feedback, ask follow up questions, or give topic ideas, send an email to - Thanks for listening!


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