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Art Shows & Artist Statements

In this episode Jessica and Maryann talk all about art shows, how to write an artist statement, and how to find shows to enter. They have tips and give examples from their own experiences. They mostly stay on topic this week! Amazing.

They gave themselves homework but they promptly forgot to do it. BUT! Since they recorded this episode they both got a piece in a local juried show. Fun!

Image 1 - Maryann's watercolor portrait 1 

Image 2 - Maryann's watercolor portrait 2

Image 3 - Jessica's intuitive abstract landscape

Image 4 - Maryann's still life that was in a juried show

Image 5 - Jessica's still life that was in the same juried show

Find us on instagram! @artistsinconversationpod

Maryann Garlick - @maryanngarlickart

Jessica Lomeli - @artbyjpl

If you want to send feedback, ask follow up questions, or give topic ideas, send an email to - Thanks for listening!


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