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painting challenge tips

Here are 5 tips and tricks to survive a painting challenge. I am nearly halfway through my latest 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge and I'm finally getting the hang of it!

Tip 1: Paint ahead! This sounds like cheating but it's not. It's being practical! Life gets in the way no matter how much we plan ahead. Paint several paintings in advance, and just post one each day! Everyone will be amazed that you can paint so regularly and post so promptly. They don't need to know that you spent one day painting 5 pieces in a chaotic mess!!

Tip 2: Paint small! This seems obvious but having tried this a few different ways, keeping to a small size is much more manageable. In my case, I've had success with 8x8 and 12x12 paintings. For me, a larger size would take too long and I don't think I could get through all 30 paintings!

Tip 3: Pick a theme! Choose a source of inspiration that will sustain you for 30 paintings. Obviously, it's fine to pivot to a new theme if you get bored but it helps so much to have a plan in advance, 30 flowers, 30 landscapes, 30 abstracts, 30 pieces inspired by music.... whatever you're into.

Tip 4: Warn your family and friends! It's a ton of work to paint this many paintings in a short amount of time. Between frantically trying to get ahead so you can take a day off to see your kids or frantically trying to take photos of your pieces to prepare to post them, your loved ones may think that you're insane, obsessed, or even possessed! Remember to warn them and remind them how appreciative you are. And take some time off after so they remember who you are.

Tip 5: Have FUN! Try something new. Post even the weird paintings. Push yourself and have a blast. I love looking back at the first few paintings when I finish to see how the challenge evolved. So cool!!

I hope you find these paintings challenge tips helpful. Leave me a comment if you have any to add!

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