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titles and lyrics

I have never enjoyed naming my paintings. Until this year! I had the idea to use small snippets of song lyrics in my painting titles. Brilliant! Until I started really listening to my Awesome Music playlist and realized that song lyrics are really cheesy. Oops!

I powered through the painful part and started to collect ideas as I listened to any song. I have a notes file in my phone filled with title ideas. Then when I finish a painting I can try on a few titles and see what clicks.

I love how the title of the painting can really add depth and meaning to it. A great example is this bright showy floral being named after Lizzo's Feeling Good as Hell. It captures my energy when painting it and sounds a lot more fun than my usual painting title idea, "pink flowers!"

I know some painters who use bits of poetry in their titles, it's the same idea. Bringing just a few words to an image can be an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts! It's basically magic!

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